DJ Osborne

Motorsports Athelete

Late Model Racing
Rocky Mountain Challenge Series

In 2013 I started racing Late Models. It has been a very intense learning expierence. We are now focused on the 2015 season. We are slowly figuring this sport out. Its been a long road and we're not quite ready to give up yet.

Going deep into the

One of my most passionate hobbies is riding snowmobiles in the backcountry of UT, WY, ID, and CO. I ride countless miles every year pushing further and further. I'm getting ready for the 14/15 season! It's going to be a blast.

I was born to ride

From when I was a kid, all I could ever thing about was riding. Motorcycles led me to a pretty awesome career as a stuntrider. I've won numerous races on a Supermoto and the best single track out there is in my backyard.